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Why should you have your dogs poop picked up weekly? Believe it or not dog poop is actually toxic to your lawn. If left unattended long enough is can cause burns and unsightly discoloring.

Let’s face it nobody wants an ugly lawn, especially one that’s filled with dog poop. Call Super Scoopers...

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Get one weekly clean up FREE!!

Jul 9, 2019 – Sep 30, 2019

One Week Of Services FREE 🐶

Ready to have your yard nice and clean for the summer? Of course you are! Receive one week of complimentary services with monthly sign up for service.

Already an existing customer? No worries, we’re not Comcast, we take care of our existing clients with promos too!...

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Need your dog's poop cleaned up but you just don't have the time?

We know everyone has busy schedules so who wants to spend their free time picking up dog poop? Well you don't have to! Leave that to the Super Scoopers! We will scoop away all dog poop and haul it away! We are now accepting new cl...

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Need your yard cleaned up of all pet waste?

Call Super Scoopers Pet Waste Removal Today! We will come to your home on your scheduled day and removal all dog poop from your yard. You don't even need to be home. We will come in clean up your yard so that you can come home to a fresh clean environm...

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Why does my dog want to eat grass?

Many times dogs eat grass as a natural instinct. Eating grass will help improve your dogs digestive system. Grass can also assist dogs that are lacking a nutrition. An even greater reward a dog can receive from eating grass is that it can treat intestinal worms...

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Is picking up the dog poop enough or should I do more to disinfect my yard?

You be the judge. A single gram of dog poop carries an estimated 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Pet owners must clean up after their dogs and it is a good idea to have your yard disinfected after your spring clean ...

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Is your yard a mess and in need of pet waste removal services?

Super Scoopers will do just that! We will come to your home on your scheduled day and clean up your yard! We will scoop up all dog poop and take it away. We are #1 in pet waste removal, serving all of Lake County and McHenry County....

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What is healthy dog poop?

Healthy dog poop should range in shades of brown based on a normal healthy diet. Of course if your dog is eating things like berries, it will then be shades of what your dog has been eating. Things to be aware of are running poop, black poop, greasy poop, and the odor s...

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Does your yard need a spring clean up?

I know how hard it is to look out at your yard and see the mess your dog left behind after a cold winter season. Now imagine coming home from work and seeing your yard all cleaned up! Well its time to make this a reality! Call Super Scoopers today to sched...

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a year ago
A company you can trust! Great Work Reliable / Dependable Excellent Prices!! I have 4 dogs and had a huge Spring clean up to do. The initial price to clean up months of waste was very reasonable. I have been doing the weekly plan ever since and I cannot believe what a great job they do! The price was WAY cheaper than I thought it would be and had I known this I would have started A LONG TIME AGO! I have been a customer for almost 2 months so far and wanted to wait until I had enough experience with them to post an honest review. They text you when they are on the way to your home (same day of the week each time) and another text when they leave. I have walked the yard many times after the service has been done (before letting my dogs back out) to be sure they cleaned it all up. And they absolutely did! The manager is VERY responsive from the time I started to present. They are huge with communication and I love how clean my yard is! It is also nice the gate is closed and locked ...
- Cheryl W
a year ago
Excellent pet waste removal services! The poop scooping crew is always on time, friendly and thorough in their efforts. Liz gave me a great deal for dog waste clean up for multiple dogs as well and I couldn’t be more pleased.
- Mario L
a year ago
I called super scoopers this week for a spring clean up, they were at my house in two days and did a FANTASTIC job! They alerted me when they were 15 minutes away, they were kind and courteous. I HIGHLY recommend super scoopers!
- Debra W

About us

Imagine a fresh clean yard, free of all pet waste! Now imagine never having to actually do the cleanup yourself! Especially those nasty spring cleanups! Well I am here to say you don’t have to! Let our fully trained Super Scoopers pet waste removal technicians do that for you! Every technician will arrive in uniform and fully trained. OK I know what your thinking “fully trained?" How do you train someone to remove pet waste from my yard?” Well there is so much more to it! Our technicians go through a thorough training. We educate them on the seriousness and dangers of bacteria, germs and diseases that are associated with pet waste. They are informed on how to contain and dispose of all waste safely without cross contamination.

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